Genius Line

The Genius automatic anti-decubitus system allows to obtain very low contact pressures continuously thanks to the principle of continuous low pressure. 

  • 3 independent differentiated sectors: head, trunk and legs
  • CRP quick release handle
  • Antibacterial and antifungal upper cover made of waterproof and breathable two way stretch fabric
  • Electronic compressor

All the products in the line are latex-free and approved in class 1IM.


Genius Matress

The Genius mattress is made up of eight-section cells made of soft polyurethane film, a safety base and a layer of sensors that detect the anatomical and postural characteristics of the patient in every single area. The last 8 cells of the mattress can be individually excluded for optimal pressure relief.
Max supported weight up to 250 Kg.

Genius line compressor

The Genius electronic compressor guarantees effective anti-decubitus therapy even in the most delicate situations thanks to the fully automatic control of the pressures in each sector.
Equipped with rechargeable battery and acoustic-visual alarm.

Genius Line