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Therapeutic Line

Active mattresses
Euroausili is following the path of a production based on constant and alternate low pressure antidecubitus systems, projected to reduce the contact pressure between the patient and the therapeutic surface; all the systems are supplied with sensors, comfort adjuster and alarms.

Preventive Line

Passive mattresses

The preventive line includes the polyurethane foam mattresses, whose surface design is specifically studied to improve the ventilation of the surface, therefore reducing the risk of skin ulceration. All our products are certified 1IM.

Green Support

Green Support

The Green Support line has been designed by Euro Ausili to assist the positioning (trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg) of patients on surgical tables and includes Disposable Positioners designed in viscoelastic memory foam PU.

Positioners and Sliding lines

Positioners and Sliding lines

 The comfort positioning line together with the easy sheets have been designed together with healthcare professionals to provide adequate support and allow correct positioning of the patient during medical and surgical procedures.


Anti-Decubitus Cushions

The wide line of anti-decubitus cushions made in different materials such as the memory foam, fluid gel, hollow silicon fibre and natural rubber, all studied to ensure the patients’ maximum comfort according to the necessities.