Virtual Showroom

Euro Ausili, a well-known manufacturing company in the medical field of anti-decubitus and operating room surfaces, active for more than 25 years on international level, has long invested in the digitization of its processes and its offer.

Today Euro Ausili takes innovation to the next level with the revolutionary Virtual Showroom.

This incredible 360-degree fully navigable and interactive environment is compatible with any virtual reality headset and has several unique features of its kind.

Euro Ausili has dedicated this virtual showroom to its main lines, whose products will be navigable in three rooms specially created for each line, in each of these it will be possible to interact in a virtual room, see innovative CGI videos on the technology and operation of the product, try and explore the product thanks to the augmented reality function (follow the instructions on the QR code panels to find out more about this function), see catalog, brochure and product recreated in a virtual environment.

An innovative experience created specifically to disseminate the functions and descriptions of Euro Ausili products and the experience of the end user and distributor with greater clarity and impact.