Preventive overlay mattress

  • Overlay mattress with interchangable elements made of PVC
  • Alternating inflation on two ways-out
  • Provided with cover and CPR  


Product Description

Kit RINT PLUS system is supplied with an overlay mattress with interchangeable elements and a compressor. The alternating mode is set to deflate one of two elements every 5 minutes, so that the overlaymattress ensures an ideal prevention of decubitus pressure sores for low risk patients.

The depth of the inflatable elements (13 cm) ensures the necessary sinking of the patient’s bone prominences. The cover of the overlay mattress is bi-elastic, waterproof and breathable; this smooth, very soft material minimises friction and sheer forces and creates an ideal micro-environment that prevents pressure sores.

The overlay mattress is equipped with a CPR function, for its fast deflation in case of emergency.