Euro Soft Sensor

Euro Soft Sensor: antidecubitus system working with low alternated pressure 

  • 17  dynamic interchangeable elements made of polyurethane with circular section
  • static head elements


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Product Description

Principle of work:

The therapeutic effect of the Euro Soft Sensor is based on the principle of dynamic and static low pressure. In dynamic mode, the head’s elements always remain static to avoid unconfortable movements to the patient. The dynamic cycle is programmed to obtain air decharge on one of three elements every three minutes; plus one minute where all the elements are inflated at the same level, for a complete dyanmic cycle of 10 minutes.  The elements inflation is automatically controlled and set by the electronic compressor, that, thanks to the presence of a pressure sensor located underneath the inflatable elements, grants a perfect pressure condition. When in static function, the whole elements of the mattress are kept inflated at the same pressure level. In case of emergency the mattress can be deflated easily and quickly with the help of a CPR valve located at head of the system.